Confessions from the Field, Part II

By Alice Riddell • MSc Social and Cultural Anthropology (alumnus) This is the second instalment of the Confessions from the Field series by Alice Riddell, which presents field notes from fictional ethnographers. Read the previous one here. Tales of Translation Ivan DeKlee My horror story starts at home and stays at home. In fact, it is located… Continue reading Confessions from the Field, Part II


The Curious Case of a Nest

By Hanine Miriam Habig • MA Material and Visual Culture I’ve been researching objects in UCL Ethnography Collection as an assistant curator since fall 2016. And because I came with some previous experience of object-based research in a museum, I was happy to accept the challenge of a ‘difficult’ object. In the database, the mysterious… Continue reading The Curious Case of a Nest

Does Being Creative = Being Human?

By Elaine Wong • BSc Anthropology (alumnus) I use [technology] like a painter uses watercolours. And my work is meant to be very human.Leung Kei-cheuk (Gaybird), Hong Kong-based artist Over the summer, I worked as a marketing intern at an accounting firm and my role involved drafting reports on company-related news and other economic shenanigans.… Continue reading Does Being Creative = Being Human?

Confessions from the Field

By Alice Riddell • MSc Social and Cultural Anthropology (alumnus) Anthropologists are the scientific storytellers, the narrators of “culture.” But their own stories and experiences of research are often left untold. To ignore the researcher as the grounds for the encounter is both impossible and undesirable. By way of addressing this phenomenon, what follows is… Continue reading Confessions from the Field